Non-contact Safety Interlock Switches

Non-contact safety switches are machine safety components that provide a compact, non-contact way to interlock guards, covers, doors, and gates.  These switches can be tripped by a simple action such as opening a gate or door.  Opening the door "trips" the switch and can turn a machine off, preventing damage to both operator and machine. Non-contact safety switches work by coupling a moveable door guard with the power source of the hazard.  In most machine applications the interlock is a device used to help prevent a machine from harming the operator or damaging the machine itself by stopping it when tripped.

Noncontact safety switches are designed for use in situations where no contact is needed between the acuator and the switch.  The switches are suitable for situations with the following needs:

  • High level of protection preventing tampering
  • Very hygienic environmental conditions
  • Precise door-guide isn't possible
  • Machine doors are subject to intense vibration
  • Very high safety category
  • Dusty, wet, oily environments